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About Professional Experts

Brahmin's Professional experts portal is a service oriented Portal which helps Brahmins to serve the public, related to their skills, certifications and qualifications. Any users shall access this portal to seek professional expert services of Brahmins as per their certification or qualification.

TTBST a Brahmin welfare organisation, which helps Certified Professional experts of Brahmins to serve the public with their skills and efficiency with regards to their professional certifications and academic qualifications. This portal is nothing but a Brahmin's Professional experts hub which is run by TTBST

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FAQ - Professional Expert Profile

More service to public helps to develop the nation. The expert profile can be accessed by any one as the Phone Number and skill sets are visible to every one. Brahmins are requested to register their skill and it shall help everyone.

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Professional Experts Categories of Brahmins

Professional Experts Categories

In Academic Experts category Professors, Teachers / Tutors and Sports Coach shall post their expert profile.

In Business Experts category Business Analyst, Business Consultants, Large Scale Biz Experts, Marketing Experts and Small Scale Biz Experts shall post their professional expert profile.

In Cultural Experts categoryActors, Musicians, Philosophers, Visual Artists, Writers, Singers, Directors, Art directors and Make up artists shall post their professional profile.

In Finance Experts Category, Accountants, Auditors, Chartered Accountants, Tax Consultants, Insurance Consultant and Loan Experts shall post their certified professional experts profile.

In Industrial Experts Category, Actuaries, Agriculturists, Architects, Economists, Interpreters, Insurers, Librarians, Statisticians, Surveyors, Urban planners, Human resources, Sales and Realtors shall post their professional service profiles.

In Internet Experts or Online Experts Category, Online Marketing Experts, Online Computer Laptop Repair Experts, Online Web Designers, E Commerce Experts and Data Entry Operators shall post their expert profile.

In Legal Experts Category, Advocates , Contitutional Law Experts, Banking Law Experts, Court Representation Service, Custody and Guardianship Experts, Criminal Law Experts, Cyber Law Experts, Divorce Experts, Direct Tax Law Experts, Cheque Dishonours Experts, Environment Law Experts, Family Law Experts, Intellectual Property Law Experts, Labour Law Experts, Property Law Experts, Marriage Law Experts, Media Law Experts and Motor Accident Claims experts shall post their certified professional profile.

In Medical Experts Category, Audiologists, Chiropractors, Dentists, Dietitians, Doctors, Medical Lab Scientists, Midwives, Nurses, Occupational therapists, Optometrists, Pathologists, Pharmacists, Physical therapists, Physicians, Psychologists, Speechlanguage pathologists, and Urologist shall post their expert profile.

In Non Profit Experts Category, Charitable Organisations, Social Workers Volunteers, Human Kind Helpers and NGO Consultants shall post their expertization profile

In Spiritual Experts category, Gurukkal Pandits Acharyas, Yaga Yagnam Homa Homam Experts, Purohitham Experts, Vedic Vedha Coaching Experts, Vivaha Pendli Kalyana Experts, Vedic Astrologists, Upanayana Experts and Brahmin Priest shall post their expert profile.

In Technical Experts Category, Computer Repair Experts, Designing Experts, Electrical Experts, Four Wheeler Experts, Lathe Experts, Plumbers, Programming Experts, Software Solution Experts, Television Repair Experts, Two Wheeler Experts, Web Designing Experts and Welding Experts shall post their technical expert profile.

Other Professionals experts category shall be used by Job Consultant, Catering Experts, Tailoring Experts and Beauticians to post their professional expert profile. In addition to the above categories new professional expert categories may be added time to time.

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