How to?

How to use this Professional Expert portal ?

1. A new USER REGISTRATION is required to access this portal. After registration you will get a validation mail with a validation link. Go to your mail box with which you registered and look of the email from Professional Experts Portal due to heavy traffic from this site, some times you may need to check in SPAM folder for the validation link.

2. After validation of that link by clicking it, your account will be activated. If you have not recieved your validation link due to heavy traffic in this site, you shall activate your account through SMS. To activate your account after registration, just sms ACTIVATE EXPERT your email address and send it to +91 - 9994818463. Then your account will be activated and you will get a reply sms within some hours. 

If you are a general user who are here to contact the experts, you shall directly contact them at their page. Or if you are an Expert, now you shall start to POST YOUR EXPERT PROFILE. Click the BLUE button to start.

3. When you click the Green button you will find a PUBLISH A LISTING page.

4. Start to choose CATEGORIES of your sector.

5. Select the sub category in which your Professional skill falls.

6. Write your skill, eligibility, expert skills and your need which you like to serve public for professional charges or for free.

7. In the GREEN BOX click now and upload the image related to your job or your personal image, which can be published in social medias.

8. Provide your location information including city. Just select for country, state, and type location. This will help people to choose you as per location.

9. SEO meta tags if you know about this you can fill or just leave this.

10. Complete the balance information like Phone Number, Email address, website address etc.

11. Type the SPAM CHECK text and start publishing.

12. Now your Profile is online, where every one use to see and to seek help from you...


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